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This corprate group. began from “Kushihei,” the first restaurant we ever managed. Kushihei was originally a franchise of “Real taste Inc.” We took over their fried skewer business, remodeled the store and started serving wine as a new menu feature. Because of its originality, the restaurant became popular among neighboring business people. Sales soared to more than three times before the remodel.

After four years, in November 2016, we kept the menu of fried skewers and wine the same, but remodeled the interior design again. The name of the restaurant was changed to “MOTO,” which means “a source.” We wanted to change the image of the store in order to attract customers in the upper income bracket.

The origin of the restaurant’s name reflects our passion for those ingredients that are an important source for human health. There’s a hidden meaning as well. This restaurant, MOTO, is our source from the beginning, our roots in this business.

The sales goal for each customer is targeted at the 5,500 to 6,500 yen range which is higher than ever. We continue to feature wine as the main product, but now the image and feeling of the interior is more than just a Japanese restaurant. It has a global atmosphere. We aimed to design a place like a wine pub, where adults can relax and enjoy themselves. We wondered what would happen if an enthusiastic foreign chef, who knows food and wine pairing, produces a Japanese restaurant. Under such an idea, we carefully considered everything from interior to menu development for this restaurant.

Mr. Yang, chief sommelier at “S’ACCAPAU” selected wines focused on more natural origins. In addition to improving the quality of ingredients in the fried skewers, new cooking methods such as using black bread crumbs with bamboo charcoal were used. We also expanded the offerings in our side menu to include appetizers, vegetables and nibbles. This was done to attract customers who do not intend to eat fried skewers.

Combining Japanese and Western dishes with a good balance takes consideration. The right seasoning and arrangement of dishes can make it possible for the menu to enhance the taste of the wines. We also expanded the menu combinations and choices from appetizers to desserts so that customers can enjoy more selections.

The business style of “MOTO” is evolving and always proposing new combinations, such as wine + something delicious.

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源 / MOTO

東京都豊島区南池袋2-11-5 三栖ビル1F
Misu building 1F
2-11-5Minami Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo

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