It is as if he is engaged in a roll-playing game.



“My father runs a Western style restaurant. Since my family eats better quality food compared to others, I think I became food conscious,” says Yuta Hasebe, who works at Yakitori Moto in Roppongi.


まだ30すぎなのに、なんか小憎らしいほど落ち着きがあるのは、六本木「焼き鳥 源」で働く長谷部雄太さん。「雄ちゃん、あんたしっかりした立派な子になってぇ」と親戚筋から泣かれそうなタイプ。しかも聞けば、近いうち自分のお店をで持ちたいという目標があるという。やっぱりか。



He is only in his early 30s, but astoundingly calm. If his relatives could see him now, they would certainly be very proud and cry happy tears. “You grew into an amazing person,” they would say.It is natural that Mr. Hasebe is aiming to open a restaurant in the near future.

He says, “I want to manage a restaurant in the future. In order to make my dream come true, I need to learn a lot of things other than cooking.”

That is why he joined Delicious-Links Inc.







“My former colleague started working at Delicious-Links Inc. before me. He obtained a sommelier license and learned about restaurant management. I was envious of that person and thought there must be a bigger opportunity to learn new things here.”

Since his goal is clear, he knows what to do. “Even though I am a new employee here, the company lets me try what I want. I wish to be well-rounded, therefore I am working as much as possible, from shift management to purchasing and more. If the company sees that I am capable they will give me an additional chance. In that sense, there are a lot of opportunities here.”

In the beginning, he didn’t intend to be an expert at cooking. “I am good at looking at matters objectively. If I see that the chefs or hall staff need a hand, I will help them so that everything goes smoothly in the restaurant. I like to monitor the whole balance of this place.”







As I mentioned, Mr. Hasebe has a very clear goal. He says, “That’s why I tend to think only about myself. I am learning here, so I will devote myself to the company just like a give and take relationship. This is the best working place ever because everyone speaks their mind with each other.”

I wonder when and how his logical thinking was formed.

“My perspective naturally formed while working with my experienced co-workers. It is also under the influence of my parents who own a restaurant. Our family was far from well off, but I have not become a money-worshipper. Cooking delicious cuisine and making customers feel happy is the best thing. In order to do that, I have to improve my skills and even make money. I know what to do by working backwards from my goal.”





As if he is immersed in a roll-playing game, Mr. Hasebe sees his life objectively and steadily makes progress following his own life plan. He is tough, pure and honest.

He is unfairly gifted! I am sure he can achieve his dreams.


長谷部 雄太 / YUTA HASEBE

源 / 社員
MOTO / chef

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